The Dallas Morning News

I worked at the The Dallas Morning News as a reporting fellow in the Austin bureau. I covered state government and state news, with a focus on reproductive health issues and health care.

Some pieces I’ve written:

Gov. Greg Abbott calls July special election to fill Texas Sen. Carlos Uresti’s seat

Texas House has adopted sexual harassment policy in wake of #MeToo, but is that enough?

‘I want to be able to protect my children’: Santa Fe church members take course to get a gun license

Controversial Texas abortion booklet should be given to immigrant minors nationwide, agency says

Texas families distraught about losing children’s health care if Congress doesn’t fund CHIP

Judge strikes down Texas’ attempt to ban second-trimester abortion procedure

McKinney veteran among Texans honored for liberating Nazi concentration camps

What are the ‘dilation and evacuation’ abortions that could be banned under Texas’ new law?

In effort to save lives, Texas maternal mortality task force identifies death risk factors for new moms

Talk about an incentive: Banks want to pay you to save more money